Slickest Yellow Nail Designs that will Instantly Brighten Up Your Nails

Yellow and Gray are known to be one of the perfect lucky colors for the year 2021. Here at Double Dip, we have great selections of gray and yellow Dipping Powders as well as Starter Nail Kits that will instantly brighten up your day!

Ahead are some fun and on-trend yellow and gray nail art designs which you can easily do at home using Double Dips, high quality, and affordable products

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What color does yellow symbolize?

Yellow Manicure Design

One of the best happy colors!

Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope, and joy, and has conflicting associations. On one hand, yellow stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy, but on the opposite, it represents cowardice and deceit.



IG: @nailsby_sies

607-Soft Lotus, 523-Yellow Mellow


428 - Yellow Medallion

Angel Duron

IG: @angelic_nailz



Kate WeatherbyIG: @kates.nail.korner552-Marshmallow, 676-Kendall Charcoal, 1308-Galaxy,

Treayna Odom

IG: @nailsbyayna_

699-Radiant Ray


@nail.chronicles(IG), 554-Starburst.jpg

IG: @nail.chronicles



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@nail.chronicles(IG), 554-Starburst.jpg

IG: @dipmanisbydani

523-Yellow Mellow


Angel Elicia Duron, @angelic_nailz(IG), 704-Elf Size

Angel Elicia Duron

IG: @angelic_nailz

704-Elf Size


Steph Faubus, @nailedby.srf(IG), 731-Butterscotch

Steph Faubus

IG: @nailedby.srf



Taylor Reeder, @manis_by_taylor(IG), 734-Lemon Jam

Taylor Reeder

IG: @manis_by_taylor

734-Lemon Jam


A cheerful yellow manicure is perfect for the summer season! Add these gorgeous and happy yellow dipping powders onto your collections now!


Gray Manicure Design

Gray is the color of intellect and of compromise.

It’s also known to be a diplomatic color, negotiating all the space between black and white. We typically consider gray to be conservative, elegant, and cool, though it's often slightly mysterious.


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Angel Elicia Duron, @angelic_nailz(IG), 410-Gentleman's gray

Angel Elicia Duron

IG: @angelic_nailz

YouTube: angelic nailz

410-Gentleman's Gray


Ashley Bascherini, @ashley_flimsyclaws, 410-gentleman's gray, CP006-Endless Grace, 608-Crystalline Rose

Ashley Bascherini

IG: @ashley_flimsyclaws

410-Gentleman's Gray, CP006-Endless Grace, 608-Crystalline Rose


mals_manis(IG), 470-Agreeable Gray, 612-Fingers Crossed

IG: mals_manis

470-Agreeable Gray, 612-Fingers Crossed


Jackie Bragg, @braggsie_dipnails(IG), 001-Charlie's Angel, 657-Silk Taupe, 1308-Galaxy

Jackie Bragg

IG: @braggsie_dipnails

001-Charlie's Angel, 657-Silk Taupe, 1308-Galaxy 


Samantha Fortenberry,IG_@manis_by_samantha657-Silk Taupe, 1308-Galaxy

Samantha Fortenberry

IG: @manis_by_samantha

657-Silk Taupe, 1308-Galaxy


Molly Tiev, IG_@mollysmanis_642-Bunny Nose, Slate Gray Chrome-TCL12

Molly Tiev

IG: @mollysmanis_

642-Bunny Nose, Slate Gray Chrome-TCL12


Brooke McAdam, IG_@manis_and_things_by_brooke588-Magnetic, BVG1342-Pretty Petals, 574-Best Buddies

Brooke McAdam

IG: @manis_and_things_by_brooke

588-Magnetic, BVG1342-Pretty Petals, 574-Best Buddies


Kate Weatherby, IG_@kates.nail.korner552-Marshmallow, 676-Kendall Charcoal, 1308-Galaxy

Kate Weatherby

IG: @kates.nail.korner

552-Marshmallow, 676-Kendall Charcoal, 1308-Galaxy


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