Stunning Blue Manicure Ideas To Celebrate World Ocean Day

On the 8th of June, we will be celebrating World Ocean Day, an international day that celebrates the beauty of the deep blue and raises awareness of the impacts of human activities on its rich biodiversity. There are many ways to show your support. You can start by eating sustainable seafood and reducing your consumption of products packaged in plastic. If you live in the coastal regions, you can even participate in cleanup drives along the coastline or on rivers and streams that are connected to it. On that note, why not take it a step further by putting on some stylish ocean-themed manicure nail art and truly embody the occasion?


Here is how to create an Ocean Nail Manicure Design: How to Recreate an Ocean Nail Manicure Design | Double Dip Nail


If you would like to watch a tutorial on How to dip your nails, click here.


Deep Ocean Dive

Hannah Darrough


741-The Dance, 1337-Flying Butterfly, Christmas Kits, Summer, Solid Color, Glitters, Coffin Shape, Long Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, New Year Theme


1374 - Hippie Mermaid

This is a very simple nail art design that resembles the world beneath the waves. Use a solid ocean blue or royal blue color and sprinkle in a tiny amount of silver glitter to resemble bubbles rising up to the surface. You can do this manicure using gel polish or with a nail dip starter kit. Use the former for a more glossy look, while the other is better if you want to experiment with the colors further. Coffin nails, on the other hand, are the best choice if you are putting on tips. We love messing around with the concentration of glitter near the edge of the nail to make it look like the foam that forms on the waves of rough seas.


Build Your Own Nail Dip Starter Kit


Coral Reefs

Angel Duron


553-Peach Perfect, 641-Mint Julep, 484-Sugar Swizzle, 1332-Goldie Lock, Fall Starter Kit, Mermaid, Starfish Wishes Kit, Summer, Corals, Coffin Shape, Extra Long Nail, Fake Nail


Courtney Cooper


CP008-Good Luck, Glitters, Spring, Coffin Shape, Extra Long Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Ombre, Pastel 3

Working with two different colors in one hand can often be a hit or miss, but with a good concept and a basic understanding of color theory, anybody can pull it off! This gorgeous nail art design uses turquoise and coral (or peach depending on the shade), two well-known complementary colors, to imitate the vibrant colors found in the coral reefs. As an added touch, we also put on glitter and floral decals to make the design look more alive. We recommend using dip powder for this design, as it lets you bring out the colors of the manicure while also letting you add these accessories to your nails without the risk of messing up your base colors. As for tips users, we suggest using long coffin nails gel nail extensions to give you a wider canvas to work on.



Tropical Adventure

Angel Duron


745-Sweet Pea, 497-Teal Limpets, 1332-Goldie Lock, Glitters, Mermaid, Summer, Scale of Fish, Coffin Shape, Long Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Ombre 11


Sheinna Pineda


415-Baby Rosa, 1349-Shiny Sparkles, Summer, Glitters, Coffin Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Design

The sea green and navy blue combination of this nail art design mimics the feel of a lush tropical island in the middle of the sea. We also used golden decals to represent the sandy beaches of the coastline and also provided a nice contrast to the dark colors. These nails will look amazing on trips to the beach this summer, and the almond-shaped tips almost resemble surfboards propped up in the sand. We recommend acrylic or gel polish for this design as it lets you paint the colors much more liberally than just dipping it and producing a uniform line. You can even add floral decals or small clumps of glitter to truly embody the beauty of nature.

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Aquatic Lightshow

G30 - Rock Candy l Glow in the Dark Nail Dip Powder


Becca Juarez


559-Emerald, G1-Hippie Bud, Pastel Starter Kit, Glitters, Spring, Solid Color, Round Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Mint, Pastel, Glow in the Dark 3

This neon blue nail art glows in the dark, much like the mystifying bioluminescent light that organisms emit in the ocean. To do this, you will need gel or acrylic nail polish, and some glow powder, which are sold separately or in specialized glow-in-the-dark nail polish sets. The powder contains phosphorescent pigment that absorbs ultraviolet light from the sun and glows for a short period of time after the war. As such, you will need to expose your nails to sunlight for a while to get the best results when nighttime comes. These nails are perfect while on an evening walk on the beach and are sure to capture the attention of many onlookers.



We owe a lot to the ocean, so it is a real shame that a lot of us take it for granted. Even when it’s no longer World Ocean Day, you can and should continue supporting conservation efforts by reducing your carbon emissions and teaching others how they can live more sustainable lives. Remember that these nail art designs look best on you when your actions reflect the movement you wish to support. Let’s all help our oceans together and ensure that the future generation can also enjoy them as much as we did.


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