The Best Non-Toxic Polygel Nail Kit

Hello Double Dip babes! We know you're kinda familiar with the new nail kit in town that's gonna level up your beauty nail game standard to new heights!


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Combining acrylic and hard gel in one incredible product, an all-in-one lightweight Polygel Nail Kit brings you a flawless manicure, without a fail! No more fake-looking nails, these nail enhancements look drop-dead gorgeous, and you can definitely do it yourself at home!


Best Polygel Nail Starter Kit - Dazzling Edition

How do you keep your fake nails from looking fake? For a healthy looking manicure that leaves no mess, try to use Polygel and experience an outstanding salon-worthy manicure that even your friends will surely love!


Best Polygel Nail Starter Kit - Glam Limited Edition

Double Dip's Nails brings you this set of beautiful Polygel Nail Starter Kits that are flexible to anyone, may it be a beginner or a pro! 

Polygel manicure is strong, but flexible, just like your natural nails, isn't prone to damage and they also feel more natural, and way more comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

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Best Polygel Nail Starter Kit - Mermaid Glitz Edition

Here at Double Dip, one of our major priorities is to offer you high-quality yet affordable products.

We made sure our Polygel has no smelly odor! 

With this polygel you won't be breathing in a harmful toxic odor. The consistency is light as a feather and so it just feels right!

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Best Polygel Nail Starter Kit - Blossom Edition

Experience a smooth finished manicure using Double Dip's Polygel. The application is so easy and it dries smoothly, now you're ready to hit the city with a perfectly flawless manicure

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Best Polygel Nail Starter Kit - Blushing Heart Edition

Fuss-free and non-toxic? We got you covered!

Ladies, you don't need to worry about harmful chemicals. This Polygel Nail Kit has been tested and proven by many! You're perfectly safe doing your own manicure at home with this must-have.


Best Polygel Nail Starter Kit - Classic Edition

Be stress-free because the application is super quick and easy, and your manicure will last longer than you expected until you're ready to get rid of them.

With these amazing Polygel Nail Starter Kits you can leave the hassle behind and look forward to fabulous nails. Go ahead and get them now!


BELLAVENA™ Limited Edition Full Starter Kit Includes


BELLAVENA™ Limited Edition Full Starter Kit Includes

  • 6 x BELLAVENA™ Poly Sculpting Gel 15g/tube Colors

  • 1 x BELLAVENA™  Poly Gel Slip Solution 30mL fl

  • 1 x BELLAVENA™ Gel Base 8mL fl

  • 1 x BELLAVENA™ Gel Top Coat 8mL fl

  • 1x Portable Mini Gel Lamp

  • 1 x USB Cable

  • 1 x Dual form Brush

  • 1 x Professional Gril Nail File

  • 1 x 100 Pieces Dual Nail Forms

  • 1 x Tweezer

  • 2 x Dual Form Clippers



Are you searching for the perfect alternative to substandard acrylic nails that dries quickly under UV light

You're in the right place, below are the best non-toxic Polygel Nail Starter kits that are an ideal gift for a girlfriend, a wife, a friend or to your loved ones!




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