The Most Popular Nail Shades From Well-Known Salons

The Most Popular Nail Shades From Well-Known Salons

Let’s be honest, we badly miss having a nail salon appointment and asking for nail recommendations from a nail expert. But on the other side of the coin, doing your nails at home is so much better! 

In this article we have picked some of the most popular, best nail shades from some well known nail salons. They are chic and trendy colors that you can absolutely wear on any occasion!

Important notes: We strive hard to make our digital color swatches as accurate as possible to the actual product color but due to different monitor settings and electronic devices, colors may differ slightly.

Oftentimes the powder doesn't reflect the true color of the powder once it has been dipped.

It would take multiple coats (3-4 coats) for it to get dark.

We do our best to accurately portray our colors and it can be difficult to grab the perfect picture for it. Unfortunately, screen displays don't always accurately give off the colors.

Please take note that the lighting makes a difference in how the color looks and it also depends on how many coats you do.

Let’s get into it!


STYLE:  Clear Dip Base

Clear Base Dip

Transparent Base

Looking for a neat, minimalist manicure? A transparent base will always be a good choice! This powder can go from an ideal blank clear statement into an excellent extra manicure design! Use your creativity! That’s the magic of this dip powder!


024 - Fairy Cotton


024 - Fairy Cotton, Style - Pink

024 - Fairy Cotton

Sometimes the simplest to rock a manicure may be a natural and calming color. As they assert, simplicity may be a beauty! 

A cloudy pink dipping color works best for those who wanna have a fuss-free manicure yet still opt for a sleek look. 


764 - Red Velvet


765 - Red Velvet, Style - Red

765 - Red Velvet

There are tons of colors that always bring the meaning of fashion and that never go out of style! One of them is Red. A beautiful red manicure will look good for black and white outfits and will always be a great mix of other colors. It makes you feel classy, inside and out!


503 - Hot Fudge

STYLE: Brown Shimmer

503 - Hot Fudge

503 - Hot Fudge, Style - Brown Shimmer

If you want an instant as pretty as a picture manicure, this perfect brown shimmer is the answer! You’ll look absolutely fashion-ready with this dip color, best for all skin tones and nail shapes.


G24 - Glittery Pink

STYLE: Glow in the Dark, Glitter

G24 - Glittery Pink

G24 - Glittery Pink, Style - Glow in the dark, Glitter

G24 - Glittery Pink, Style - Glow in the dark, glitter


G1 - Hippie Bud

STYLE: Glow in the Dark, Glitter

G1 - Hippie Bud

G1 - Hippie Bud, Style - Glow in the dark, glitter

A long-lasting glow-in-the-dark manicure? Well, this set of dipping powders goes with any of your outfits or a special event. It looks good during the day, and extra amazing at night and people around you will surely notice!


1337 - Flying Butterfly

STYLE: Silver Glitter

1337 - flying butterfly

1337 - flying butterfly, style - silver glitter

Here's a shimmery, shiny manicure that spices up everything and makes you feel instantly festive! You can build layers on the tips of your nails for that ombre effect.


412 - Snowman

STYLE: Blue Shimmer

412 - Snowman

412 - Snowman, Style - Blue shimmer

This bright and alluring nail color will look good no matter what season or occasion. It’s not overwhelming yet it gives you that super-stunning manicure.


571 - Bohemian Moon

STYLE: Light Pink

571 - Bohemian Moon

571 - Bohemian Moon, Style - Light Pink

Skip the salon with this versatile manicure shade! It’s pretty and can last for a week or two. A chic light pink mani gives you healthy and younger-looking hands!

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1308 - Galaxy

STYLE: Sparkle Glitter

1308 - Galaxy

1308 - Galaxy, Style - Sparkle Glitter

A perfect glitter is one of the easiest manicures that you can do yourself at home that instantly gives you an instant subtle glam! Best fit for squared nail shapes or almond nail shapes. Now be a diva and get ready to sparkle!

Doing your own manicure at home has tons of advantages and whatever manicure look you want to achieve, either from neutral to bright colors? Simple to ornate? The above-mentioned manicure nail shades and designs are so easy to do!

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