The Prettiest Nail Dip Options For Pregnant Women

Feeling sad without a manicure? Relax soon-to-be mom, it’s mainly considered safe to polish or dip your nails during pregnancy and take advantage of it now since it’s believable that your nails are growing faster and stronger than ever thanks to your pregnancy hormones!

For more about safe manicures including the don't and do's during pregnancy, read on. But let's start with some gorgeous nails that you can do for the next nine months!

The Prettiest Nail Dip Options For Pregnant Women

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641-Mint Julep, 1368-Raspberry Tint, 19-Rose Pink


1317-Mountain Flower, 1365-Fearlessly Authentic, 000-CLEAR BASE DIP

Alma White

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1317-Mountain Flower, 1365-Fearlessly Authentic, 000-CLEAR BASE DIP


642-Bunny Nose, 630-Honey Dew

Amber Fitzgerald

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642-Bunny Nose, 630-Honey Dew


641-Mint Julep, 576-Vine Ivory

Ashlea Clark

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641-Mint Julep, 576-Vine Ivory


583-Perennial Bloom, 535-Pineapple Ring

Caris Thiebold

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583-Perennial Bloom, 535-Pineapple Ring


Are you planning to have a baby shower but haven’t decided on that manicure nail color or design to wear? We hope these chic and pretty nail; designs we’re helpful! Pick one now!

Is it okay or safe to urge a manicure or pedicure during pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe and okay! So, relax mommy.

It’s generally safe to urge manicures and pedicures during pregnancy. With that said, nail polishes, gels, dipping powders, and other artificial nail enhancements are made from chemical compounds, but there just isn’t much within the way of research or controlled studies assessing their safety during pregnancy. So you're all good!

Still, it’s unlikely that the danger of problems for you or your unborn baby will increase, since your exposure to those ingredients in nail products is so small. to assist you to opt which manicure and pedicure options are safe during pregnancy, here’s a breakdown of some common options:

Nail polish

Other nail polishes may have formaldehyde, which has been linked to miscarriage and cancer in salon workers et al. with high work exposures to the chemical, and toluene, which produces strong fumes which will cause nausea and headache. Phthalates are another concern, as they'll harm the system. 

Acrylics and gels

For acrylics and gel treatments, their chemicals haven't been found or proven harmful to you or your baby. However, acrylic nail treatments can give off a robust smell that you simply may find irritating, and there could also be a better risk of infection with this treatment. It is also an honest idea to wear gloves to guard your hands against UV light.

So before planning a nail salon appointment always make sure that the place is a well-ventilated one at the very least, the fumes might cause you to queasy — or they could be unsafe. Better still, ask if you can get a manicure near an open window or better outside.

768-Sweet Lula, 484-Sugar Swizzle

Gracie Scrivo

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768-Sweet Lula, 484-Sugar Swizzle

488-Thulian Mittlets, 1342-Pretty Petals

Jessica Allen Gaerlan

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488-Thulian Mittlets, 1342-Pretty Petals


861-Blossom Dandy, 636-Timeless Sage

Leslie Buckley

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861-Blossom Dandy, 636-Timeless Sage


585-Peachy Bells

Marisa Finelli


585-Peachy Bells


1371-Urbane Bronze

Taylor DeJohn

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1371-Urbane Bronze

How to look after your nails during pregnancy?

Here’s the way to look after your nails, hands, and feet during pregnancy:


Cut nails short

Long nails will catch on to every little thing, so it’s a good idea to wear yours shorter for now.


Save ingrown nails for the doc

Let a dermatologist affect this icky, painful mess.


Nix biting

Please hand over this bad habit once and for all, you’ll thank your nails and cuticles mommy later on.


Push back cuticles

Trimming your cuticles too much may cause infection, so carefully push them back instead.


File the correct way

For smoother tips and healthier nail beds, direct your nail into one direction only, instead of sawing back and forth.


Slather on lotion or some moisturizer

Use an upscale cream on your hands, feet, and cuticles at bedtime. Give them an overnight moisturization!


Try a DIY treatment

Mix equal parts sugar and vegetable oil, then scoop a couple and massage your feet and legs.


Bring your own clippers

Avoid your infection risk by bringing your own nail implements or tools such as clippers, nail files, etc. to the nail salon.

What nail treatments do you have to avoid during pregnancy?

Along with the above-mentioned chemicals found in various nail polishes and coverings, if you apply acetone always wash your hands or feet as this solvent may irritate the skin.


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