Tips To Save Money in Doing Dip Powder Nails At Home

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Let's not lie here. We all want to get gorgeous nails all done up at the nail spa salon. We love getting ourselves spoiled sometimes. We dream to just sit and relax while a nail technician is doing our nails and not having to do all the work by ourselves.  At the nail salon, nail professionals usually do a better job than we would do at home especially for beginners, and it's really rewarding soaking your feet and hands there.


Some of us don’t get our mani-pedi done all the time like some other people do, because it does cost around $20-$30 bucks or even more! 


And if you want to use that money on other essential things.  Sometimes, deep down ourselves whenever we get our nails done, we feel a little bit guilty because for others it seems a waste of time and money. Especially if you can do it yourself at home for free. 


No problem in this article, we'll be sharing some life-changing ways to save lots of money on your manicures mean you'll afford to #TreatYourSelf regardless of how much your budget is. Time to urge your tranquility on, Double Dip babes!


Manicure Life Hack #1

Invest in a Double Dip Nail Kits

Invest in a Double Dip Nail Kits

It is pleasurable to visit your favorite nail salon and indulge yourself sometimes but at the end of the day, it's inexpensive, easier, and more practical to do it yourself at home! Let's not argue about that.


Here at Double Dip, we provide the best kits for beginners and for nail professionals! These best at-home dipping powders starter nail kits are for you! In this day and age, most of us focus on having high-quality products that will not make us bankrupt.


Aside from saving up your money and spending it on the more essential things, you can spend your money on buying a whole bundle of high-quality Double Dip kits that have a reasonable price yet are beginner-friendly. These best nail dipping kits offer you the comfort of doing your own manicure anytime at home!


We have some detailed blogs posted on our website to carefully help and guide you with your dipping journey!


Manicure Life Hack #2

Bring your own dipping nail powders, gel nail kits, or gel polishes to the nail salon

If you frequently love going to the nail salon spa, an economical tip would be, to bring your own polish. You can buy your own, a whole bunch of affordable and high-quality dipping powders in your favorite color and bring them to the salon with you. 


In that way, when your manicure chips or scratches you don't need to set an appointment and pay for an entire new visit to touch up your manicure.  You can touch them up yourself without needing to go back to the nail salon and get them redone.  It can also make your manicure last a bit longer. Which of course can surely save your money!


Wanna know more about the super affordable best starter kits nail dipping powders in the nail beauty world right now? Check the links below.

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Manicure Life Hack #3

Do your own manicure at home

Having done your own manicure at home is a sure WIN! 

Your home can be your Personal Nail Salon. 

Aside from investing a whole set of dipping powders or nail essentials, you can absolutely save tons of your money by doing your own Manicure or Pedicure yourself at home. 


All you need is some know-how, great affordable yet high-quality nail supplies, loads of patience, and a willing heart.

As the cliche saying goes "Practice makes perfect". You can find heaps of youtube video tutorials that are very helpful for learning, especially for beginners. 


Here at Double Dip, we provide easy DIY nail manicure video tutorials that best suit beginners or even professionals! Please make sure to subscribe for you to be notified whenever we have newly uploaded videos.


Here's the link: Double Dip Nails

Always remember, if someone can do it! You can also do it!

Wanna Save up to $1,200 to $2,400 with our All in One Nail Kit (up to 35 full sets)?

Then go ahead and check out our high-quality yet affordable best dipping powder kits that are best for personal use or as a gift! 

Give yourself a manicure that rivals any salon with these handy tips and tricks.

Having a manicure in a nail salon is one of life's ultimate mini-luxuries, but unfortunately, the worth can add up quite fast. 

Nowadays, we all are looking for practical ways to cut a little bit out of our budgets and save money for more important things and we hope these manicure nail life hacks help you out!


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