Top Doubledip Nail Products of 2022

If you're unsure about which products to include in your nail care collection, this list of popular items for 2023 can help guide your choices.



Professional Portable Nail Drill 2022 (35000 RPM)


Having our Bella Vena Professional Nail drill makes a great gift for you and a  statement to your clients that you are using high-quality equipment that will not damage their nails, unlike other low-quality options on the market. You pride yourself on providing top-notch services, and your equipment should reflect that. That is why we created our Bella Vena Professional Nail drill, to ensure that your job is done right, and so is the tool you use.

Having professional quality equipment for your nail services can be a great way to boost your confidence and impress your clients. With our advanced, award-winning technology, you can have a durable and high-performing nail drill for a low monthly investment of only $4.65, say goodbye to low-quality drill which easily gets broken within a few months.



Best Polygel Nail Starter Kit - Classic Edition


BELLAVENA's Poly Sculpting Gel is getting rave reviews for its ability to revolutionize at-home nail care. Say goodbye to costly salon visits, fragile acrylics, and messy powders. Our gel formula cures under a UV lamp, which allows you to create any shape, length, and design you desire. With our product, you can get salon-quality nails at home in a fraction of the time it would take at the salon. Many people are loving the easy and mess-free application process, and the odorless formula makes the experience even better. Our Poly Gel is a game-changer in the world of nails with its effortless application and beautiful results.



Magic Gel Tip Kit


Introducing a reliable and convenient all-in-one nail extension kit, that will give you salon-quality nails in just 20 minutes.

Our Magic Gel Tip Nails are the top-rated and highly sought-after nail extension option on the market, featuring easy application that can last up to a month. Formulated with clear gel resin, they are attached to the nails with a unique 4-in-1 nail glue gel liquid that is cured under UV lamps to strengthen it. Our full-coverage tips conform precisely to the nails, creating a salon-worthy finish that covers from cuticle to free edge. With this product, you can have beautiful, extended nails without the need for time-consuming appointments.



Glow The Night Gel Line Art 12 Colors Set


According to a thorough study, 100% of users experienced a three-times longer lasting result when compared to other leading brands, making it one of the top products of 2022, as it provides customers with exactly what they want in a Gel Liner.

Our Gel Line Art is a product that truly delivers. It's expert-formulated gel liner art paint for nails that will make you fall in love with this set. Unlike other cheap brands with low-pigmented colors, ours are highly pigmented, you only need to run the brush once for perfect lines. We are confident that you will love this product just as much as other nail artists have. It's easy to use, and every line you paint will be neat and complete, with the perfect texture that allows you to embrace your creativity and make your nail decor truly satisfying.



Liquid Builder Gel In Bottle (NEW!)


Introducing a top coat that has been improved and upgraded, featuring a crystal clear formula that serves as an ideal base for color application and intricate nail art. It's time to give your nails and your clients' nails the strength and durability they need without any risk of cracking commonly associated with hard gels or breakage associated with acrylic extensions.



Bellavena 4in1 Base Coat


Beauty doesn't have to come at a cost, especially when it comes to your nails. Bellavena Gel Polish is created with your nail health in mind, our gel polishes are made with the highest-quality ingredients that are safe and beneficial for your nails. It includes Vitamin E and Keratin to nourish your nails without using harsh chemicals and our products are cruelty-free.

This 4-in-1 Base Gel Polish will help keep your nails looking beautiful, while also providing strength and protection. You can go about your daily activities without worrying about your nails, as our gel polish formula is water-resistant and can withstand most external forces. It has a thinner formula that doesn't feel heavy on the nails.



Portable Holographic Make Up Bag


Introducing a fashionable and versatile Holographic Bag that boasts a stunning iridescent color, crafted from TPU. This holographic makeup bag will change its color depending on the lighting, giving you different style options.

The TPU material design makes this bag waterproof and dustproof, keeping your makeup safe from moisture and dust, making it easy to clean, and perfect for travel and everyday use.

With ample space to store all your beauty essentials, such as brushes, cell phones, sunglasses, eyebrow pencils, mascara, lipstick, air cushion, and powder. It's a great companion to have with you wherever you go.

Not only is it a cosmetic bag, but it's also portable and can be used as a clutch purse or pencil bag. Get ready to enjoy a completely different experience with this multipurpose bag.



Premium Gelly Liquid Kit


Our Premium Gelly Liquid kit has been one of the best-selling products of 2022 and is a must-have for anyone looking to achieve professional-looking nails at home. It is formulated in the USA and offers endless possibilities for creating unique nail designs. The kit includes Adhesive Primer, Protein bond, Press Glue Gel, and No wipe top coat, making it easier than ever to achieve a salon-style manicure in less time. With more than 100 units sold each month, it is a very popular choice among consumers.



Double Dip Top Glossy 2.0 – #4 (New Packaging)


This in-demand Dip Top Liquid sells more than you can imagine since last year! Introducing a nail polish that can deliver salon-quality results, suitable for both professional and personal use. It is fortified with calcium and vitamin to protect and strengthen the nail bed, making your nails more durable.

The high-gloss, shiny top coat gives your nails an impeccable shine that makes them look even more attractive. Use it anytime and anywhere.

It is easy to use, no UV-led nail dryer is required to cure it, and you can do it at home. Packaged in white bottles, it's easy to store and transport, and gives an elegant look. Removal is simple, it can be removed like regular gel polish, and no special skills are required.


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