Troubleshooting Tips to Avoid Starter Nail Kit Dipping Issues

July 4th Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit

Dipping powders has become a well-liked manicure option in today's modern era and counting. It's worth studying and being acquainted with this easy method, and the procedure isn’t that hard to familiarize yourself with. 


We all know that in learning something new, we might encounter some mistakes during the learning process and that's normal! Some of these errors might seem like they’re easy to remember, but you'll be surprised at how usually people fail to see them. As the cliche saying goes, "Practice makes perfect"!


These common dip powder manicure problems are mainly significant to learn ahead of time especially if you're a beginner of the dipping powder procedure. To work at some of the most usual dip powder mistakes to refrain from, then please keep on reading.

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Not correctly prepping your nail

Some people frequently experience the whole of their dip powder coating popping or lifting right off the nails. This accident often comes because their nails were not prepped accurately. 


Each and every procedure of manicure tells you to correctly prep your nails for the procedure. This usually involves providing your nails some love like a good clean and wash. Making sure they’re satisfactorily dehydrated and moisturized! A well-prepped nail leads to a beautiful, long-lasting, and professionally done manicure!

Star Spangle Spark Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit

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How to keep dip powder nails from lifting?

Lifting happens when dipping powder hasn't correctly adhered to the nail. This problem starts from the prepping stage. No, worries we got some basic steps that you can do to help you prevent this issue from happening!


First and foremost, the nail bed must be free from any form of debris and moisture to ensure proper adhesion.


Always take extra time when preparing your nails if you find your dip nails are lifting. Use a cuticle remover tool to get rid of any dead skin from the nail plate. Using a buffer to lightly buff the surface of the nail gives just the right texture to the nail surface to promote adhesion. So by adding friction to your nail bed, your dip set can adhere better compared to a smooth nail surface. Be sure to buff the whole nail bed, including the cuticle area after your cuticles are pushed back. Follow with a bonder to dehydrate the nail before applying the bottom.


Now that you’ve properly prepped your nails, you’re ready to start the dipping process! There are a couple of precautions you'll take at this stage which will help prevent premature lifting. Be careful to not apply dipping liquid outside of the nail surface, always avoid touching the cuticles. Be sure to not apply a pleasant layer of Dip Base #2 around the cuticle area because it may run to the crease of the nail that touches the skin.


It's easy to rush the Dip Base and since they go on clear, it doesn't seem like a big deal. But it is! Taking the care to use these layers precisely will save tons of grief later on! Mistakes happen.


So if the Top Base liquid #2 happens to urge on the fingers or cuticles, use a cuticle pusher to wash around the cuticle area, or if you actually want to form it last simply remove with acetone and begin over. As nails grow out with the dip powder applied to the cuticles, it will create a gap between the powder and the natural nail surface. This gap is what we call lifting of the nail which may further allow skin, dirt, water, or oil to enter, causing it to lift even more.


If you follow these steps and are still running into some problems with your dip lifting, please feel free to contact us at We are delighted to assist!


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How to make dip nails shiny and protected?

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So, how to make dip powder nails shiny?


If you want to achieve that pretty, shiny finish manicure here are the four easy steps that you should take note of.


For Dip Top Coat application

Always make sure to File and buff the nail super smooth.

You will also need an extra layer of activator after filing your nails.

Make sure to remove ALL the excessive activator liquid using a lint-free wipe before the procedure.

Apply a very thin and quick stroke of Top Coat into your nails, twice.

The above-mentioned easy steps will enable you to achieve a shiny and beautiful dip manicure!


How to fix a torn nail using items found around the house

This is a really old but gold trick. An easy DIY life-saver technique for broken nail fix! Let’s begin!


The main items that you will need are

A nail buffer

Nail or superglue



First cut a small piece of the tea bag.

Then measure on your nail to see if the size is right. 


Next apply a small amount of glue over the broken area of the nail. Then place a strip of tea bag over it so that it soaks the glue up. Always make sure to place it over the broken part and carefully press down so that it dries flat.


After that use some nippers to remove the excess tea bag. 


Then you can apply another blob of glue onto the nail and spread it around a little with a toothpick, if you get any glue on your skin no worries it comes off after a hot shower. 


Once everything is dry use the nail buffer to buff and smooth out the surface.


After you’re done the nail will be really smooth and evened out and the broken part will be protected by the tea bag and glue now apply your manicure as usual and you’ll be good to go.


This will hold up really well for up to two weeks!


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Now we got the answers to some of the major dipping nail problems, it’s time to start dipping!

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