Ways To Stay Mentally Sharp

What does it mean to be mentally sharp?

Mental acuity refers to being mentally sharp. If you're mentally sharp, you've got a superb memory, and you discover it is easy to finish different tasks. A scarcity of mental acuity is often detrimental to your health. You'll forget important things, lack the main target to perform specific tasks, and struggle to concentrate.

In this article, we share with you some ways to help you stay Mentally Sharp especially during these trying times!

Get much sleep to enhance memory

get much sleep

Sleep problems can cause trouble with memory, concentration, and other cognitive functions, says the National Institute on Aging. Newly learned skills and memories move to more constant regions of the brain while you’re asleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). This makes them easier to recall.

Adults aging 65 years and older should aim for seven to eight hours of sleep every night, says the NSF. If you’re between the ages of 26 and 64, seven to nine hours nightly may be a good goal.

Struggling to urge to, or stay, asleep? Try these tips:

Stay consistent: Pick a bedtime and persist with it — a routine will assist you to sleep better overall. This also includes setting a daily time to awaken on weekends.

Keep away from heavy food: Large serving sizes of food can irritate your stomach, causing you to lose sleep. Instead, when you’re hungry in the dark, have small snacks like nuts or slices of fruit.

Restrict yourself from stimulants: like coca cola, coffee, cigarettes, and chocolate for up to four to six hours before bedtime.

Control your alcohol intake: Alcohol disrupts REM and slow-wave sleep, which are important for memory. It’s advised and best to skip alcohol four to 6 hours before bed.

Write frequently

write frequently

Writing improves memory and communication abilities. In the long run, it doesn’t matter what kind of thing you write, just simply expressing yourself through writing will certainly boost your brain activity. Amazing isn't it?

Below are some easy writing exercises that can jumpstart your creative energy. Have fun, and luxuriate in a brain workout by writing one among the following:


Creative stories

Song lyrics

Handwritten letters


Blog posts


Although there are not any clinically proven ways to reverse the course of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, the following pointers may help combat the traditional, age-related mental decline. By continuing to seek out unique ways to stimulate your brain, you increase the chances your brain will thrive for years to return.

Listen to music or play an instrument

 listen to music or play an instrument

Many people find taking note of or playing music enjoyable, but that’s not the sole benefit — it also improves memory function in older adults, consistent with a 2019 study in Frontiers in Psychology. Discovering your favorite tunes, or learning to read or play musical instrument is simpler than ever because of versatile platforms and technology:

YouTube: A classic thanks to looking for your favorite songs, music videos, or instrument tutorials. you'll hear your favorite songs while learning to play them.

Spotify: a well-liked platform that has new and older songs from all around the world. Create playlists easily, and hear your favorite songs anytime you would like.

Find a replacement hobby to strengthen your brain


Learning a craft or skill can stimulate your mind, relieve boredom, and enliven your daily routine. Many colleges and senior centers offer engaging, budget-friendly lectures and classes for older people. Whether you’re learning a replacement recipe, beefing up your computer skills, ongoing education may be a surefire thanks to staying sharp. 

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Play games or draw

Play games or draw

Paint, color an adult picture book, or grab a pen and paper and draw. As long as it’s a masterpiece, or a mere doodle, making something artistic is an intellectual workout.

Games are another simple thing thanks to sharpening and stimulating your mind. 

Here are a couple of fun games for your brain:





Exercise for a healthier mind

Exercise for a healthier mind

We all know the importance of doing exercise!

Your mind and body are interrelated so, often, what benefits the body will definitely benefit the brain. Regular exercise, even taking an easy walk, goes an extended way toward improving your memory and cognitive skills, consistent with Dr. Scott McGinnis, a teacher in neurology at Harvard school of medicine.

As a matter of fact, the foot’s impact during a walk sends pressure waves through the arteries, increasing blood flow and leading to a healthier mind, consistent with researchers at New Mexico Highlands University. 

Try adding a number of these physical activities to your daily or weekly routine to spice up blood flow to your brain:

Hiking on nearby nature trails

Tennis or pickleball

Walking your dog

Yoga or t'ai chi

Water aerobics

Eat healthy to stimulate your brain

Eat healthy to stimulate your brain

You may know that nuts, fish, and wine are linked to a healthy brain. For an additional brain boost, try including these foods in your diet.

Salmon is crammed with Omega-3 fatty acids, major building blocks of the brain.

Green tea improves alertness and focus. It’s rich in polyphenols and antioxidants and has been linked with a reduction in the danger of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Eggs have many nutrients tied to brain health like B6, B12, folate, and choline. Choline helps produce a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which assists in regulating your mood and memory.

Blueberries have antioxidants, which are shown to enhance communication between brain cells, delay STM loss, and reduce inflammation.

mental health

At what time is the human brain the most effective?

Tiny developments are still distinguishable from age 20 until what the researchers described as a “peak” begins at age 35. The height lasts until roughly at the age of 45, at which point chess skill – and, the study theorizes, overall mental performance – begins a marked decline.

Why does our mental health matter, especially to our family? 

When one's mental health suffers, it can become hard to enjoy life to the fullest. You will start to feel run down, mentally and physically. Many of these changes can make it harder to enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life.


Why is our Mental Health essential?

Mental health involves our emotional, mental, and social well-being. It influences how we think, believe, and practice. It also supports us to learn how we manage anxiety, associate with others, and create strong decisions in life. Mental health is vital at every stage of someone's life, from infancy and adolescence into adulthood.


Mental health is Health! 

We encourage you to try and practice some of these important tips or share them with your friends, family, and loved ones! 


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