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Spice of your fall season with these glitter tips and tricks.

Glitter obsessed like me? Maybe you just want to add some glitter to your mani as an accent nail. Whatever the reason, we will show you some fun glitter looks as well as tell you the best way to seal in those beautiful glitter looks.


Anytime when working with glitter I would suggest using a clear powder on top. That way when you get to the buffing process you don't take away any of that shine the glitter has to offer as well as if you're working with a chunky glitter it will give your nail a nice flat look.  


When working with a textured glitter like our Magical charm glitter the application process is a little different. Instead of you dipping your finger in at an angle,

  • you're going to want to lay your nail flat onto the glitter. 


  • Then dab the glitter with your other finger pressing on the dipped finger.


  • Take your cuticle stick and clean up your cuticle area.


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