Work From Home Mani Inspirations

This year is an awesome year to work on your at-home manicure capabilities.

Fortunately, we got some cool and creative manicures to inspire you to work at home. The best thing about nail art in this day and age is that it suits anything. So if you are looking for a few inspirations, we've organized the foremost of-the-moment nail art trends from your social media feed!

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Work From Home Mani Inspirations
Jaileen Encarnacion

A trendy set of mani that suits best for those people who love to wear comfy working outfits. The overlook is simple, fresh, and fashionable!



Molly Tiev

A nude color that can certainly go with everything. Not just for special gatherings but of course for every day! It’s a subtle mani wherein you can either go matte or shiny finish.

4-Soft White
Kate Weatherby
Instagram @kates.nail.korner

If you’re confused or lazy about deciding what to wear while working at home, a soft white manicure is one of the best options. Finish it with a top coat, and you’re ready for the day!

1388-Hemlock Ochre, BLK-Black Like My Heart
Courtney Barry

There’s no shade or design that is off-limits. So for those who love to wear black manis with a spice of gold glitter, try this one out! Best for your everyday use and can match any of your wardrobes!

484-Sugar Swizzle, 777-Lovely Pink
Mery Rosy Martinez
Instagram @meryrosy_dips

Be your own boss and pick whatever color or shape you feel most confident and inspired to do all your work at home.

484-Sugar Swizzle, 777-Lovely Pink
Samantha Fortenberry

Pick a soft shade such as grey, white, or beige. You can add a touch of glitter or any nail decals of your choice. 

606-Espresso Mauve, 552-Marshmallow
Mery Rosy Martinez
Instagram @meryrosy_dips

Looking for a sleek look? If you’re not a fan of long detailed nails, keep your natural nails short and simple and achieve this professional nail design.

748-St. Nicholas, 1376-Spring Goddess

Tatum Johannes

Earthy tones give you tranquility. Choose a color or nail design that speaks volumes about you, the way you want to be seen. -- Strong and Independent.

20-Beige Pink, 024-Fairy Cotton, 585-Peachy Bells, 568-Weekend Warrior
Sahira Recinos

Less is more! A well-kept nail is great for people who always use their fingernails or hands while working.

639-Wild Rose
Lynn Rambough-Kaup

You’ll never go wrong with short round nails! Keep it simple yet classy with a perfect light pink or nude of your choice. 

603-Glacier Blue
Molly Tiev

Be fun and playful, you can pair up this nail design with a cozy neutral set of outfits, perfect for a zoom meeting overall look.

560-Frosted Tulip
Sheinna Pineda
Instagram @shei.doesdip_nails

Bright and lovely pink manicures instantly give you a happy mood! Add a touch of your favorite nail art stickers or decals to elevate the look even more.

553-Peach Perfect, 20-Beige Pink
Jaclyn McFarland

Will you be having a committee virtual meeting or formal zoom presentation, and you don’t want your nails to overpower what you want to express with your words? Stay with muted or neutral tones then but adding a chic glint of Gold will surely give you more confidence! 

686-Chanel Rouge
Samantha Fortenberry

A solid beautiful red mani is EVERYTHING! It’s classic and it’s a color that reminds you to stay strong, bold, and empowered!

429-Expensive Pink, 024-Fairy Cotton
Instagram @brooklynblushco

If you can’t decide on the perfect shade, why not pick two to three shades of dip color powders that belong to the same color family? Finish the look with a layer of top, add some minimal accessories and you’re all set!

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