Your Horoscope for December

We end 2022 with a final Mercury retrograde in Capricorn that begins on December 29 and lasts until January 18. This is a memorial to keep the leaves light and drama minimum when dealing with friends and family. Use kindness to express yourselves and don’t get frustrated over trip detainments or technology breakdowns.


Capricorn energy may make situations feel violent, which is why we should rely on the contrary way of that. Don’t let the retrograde stage in the way of having a happy vacation and new time!




The confident sun’s been moving through your adventure zone since November 22, inspiring you to expand your horizons and trust your gut even quite usually. But while renewing your passport and jumping on the subsequent flight to a faraway destination might sound absolutely amazing, your ruler, action-oriented Mars, continues to maneuver backward through your communication zone until January 12, so making and following through on travel plans could be a bit more challenging than you’d like. Around December 7, when the complete moon falls in your communication zone, too, you'll be having a lot of feelings about just how annoyingly challenging it is to even make a weekend getaway happen. And yet, you'll be completely burned out. If this rings true, it’s an indication to take time out from your many social commitments and to prioritize self-care — even if that’s just by going for a run instead of meeting up with friends for happy hour or going out to eat instead of having family over.

Relationship-oriented Venus moves through your professional sector from December 9 to January 2, amplifying your charm and magnetism when you’re pursuing big-picture goals. this will be a productive moment for laying out your long-term vision with a higher-up or career coach. On December 20, Jupiter, the earth of luck, re-enters your sign. remember the summer for a sense of what themes might recur from now until May 16, 2023. Your self-image and the way you want to be presenting yourself out in the world is no doubt a major focus, and you’ve got a transparent runway to make your vision.




Let’s be real: You haven’t been cruising on the calmest seas recently. Change and transformation are unavoidable, as long as the most recent eclipses hit your sign and partnership sector. But you’re also making major strides when it involves nurturing your closest bonds, because of the sun’s trip through your intimacy zone since November 22. And as December kicks off, you’ll be tackling financial matters also. Your ruling planet, sweet Venus, opposes Mars in your money zone on December 1, requiring you to think about your S.O. or a loved one’s position — and luxury level. the identical day, Venus forms a friendly sextile to taskmaster Saturn in your career sector, which could lead to an exciting professional opportunity — as long as you’re willing to put in the work. And within the days around December 7, when the complete moon falls in your money sector, you’ll be compelled to open up about what you would like to stick with your current income-generating game plan.

But December isn’t only about your income, Taurus. Venus moves through your adventure sector from December 9 to January 2, which may crank up your desire to get out of your usual routine. whether or not you’re just researching a future long-distance trip or an educational program you’d like to take in the coming months, you’ll feel motivated and more connected to friends and colleagues who are on the identical page. The sun’s trip through the identical sector from December 21 to January 20 and the new moon there on December 23 are bound to add even more fuel to this fire. Just make certain to double-check all the details and watch out for misunderstandings and slowdowns once messenger Mercury is retrograde from December 29 to January 18.




You’re just about always busy and flitting from one hang to the next, but you’ve been even more social than usual, as long as Sagittarius season is in full swing. That’s because the confident sun has been moving through your partnership sector, highlighting your one-on-one bonds. In fact, although group get-togethers are always on your radar, spending time with just your S.O. or simply your bestie or a closest loved one, etc. probably feels especially comforting and fun now. Still, action-oriented Mars continues its retrograde through your sign this month, so if you’re feeling a touch low on energy at times, give yourself a breather. You’ll get the impression that it might be particularly wise in the days around December 7 when the full moon falls in your sign, and you’ll be feeling extra emotionally sensitive. the simplest thing you can do is give yourself plenty of time and space to work through whatever’s coming up for you now.

On December 20, expansive Jupiter moves into your networking sector where it last hung out from May 10 and October 28. Group projects and collaborations together with your community are likely to be a major focus from now until May 16. and since this sector also involves long-term wishes, you'll see exciting progress on those too. Just know that it’s possible your greatest hopes will take a touch of time to fully manifest, especially together with your ruling planet, messenger Mercury moving backward a fourth and final time this year, in your intimacy zone, from December 29 to January 18. Tending to your heart’s desires could take precedence over pushing the ball forward during a team effort.




For the past few weeks, the sun’s trip through Sagittarius, which lasts until December 21, has activated your wellness sector, pulling your focus toward stepping up your organizational skills and bolstering your work-life balance. You’ve likely been during a good flow, and overall, 2022’s final act will enhance that feeling — as long as you’re up for lots of self-reflection and pairing up. the complete moon on December 7, which falls in your spirituality zone, may emphasize any burnout you’ve been handling — while also stimulating your imagination. For that reason, you’ll have best to step back from your everyday hustle and take the time to care for your mental and emotional well-being. Because the moon falls in Mercury-ruled Gemini and Mercury is going to be in your partnership zone, talking through whatever’s arising for you — with your therapist or a close confidant — can prove enlightening.

Any time spent that specializes in one-on-one relationships this month will be super-productive, especially once Venus enters your partnership sector on December 9, where it remains until January 2. If you’ve been eager to tackle a big-picture aspiration, find an accountability buddy during a dear friend or lean on your S.O. And dreaming bigger in terms of professional goals may be a must, too, once expansive Jupiter moves into your career zone on December 20 — a transit which will last until May 16. Just know that the results you’re envisioning may take ages to be noticeable, because of messenger Mercury’s retrograde nudging you to tie up loose ends alongside a colleague or partner from December 29 to January 18.




Your ruler, the confident sun, has been moving through your romance and self-expression zone since November 22, which has made the last few weeks, especially fun-filled and brimming with more pleasure, creativity, and spontaneity. It’s as if you haven’t even had to try to have a good time, which is just about a dream come true for you. And it’s quite well-deserved coming off of a rough eclipse season that tested your work-life balance. While festive vibes continue through this month, you’ll even be tending to those day-to-day details that keep you firing on all cylinders. You’ll want to spot which friends and colleagues you can actually lean on to support your long-term wishes around December 7 when the full moon falls in your networking sector. This lunation could illuminate the reality about a particular group of friends or colleagues you’ve been a part of.

Though it is often tough to break long-standing bonds — especially for you because of the fixed fire sign — walking away could offer a major sense of relief and create space for more genuine connections.

In fact, Venus’ move through your wellness sector from December 9 to January 2 might inspire you to urge more social while sticking to your health routine, whether that’s by inviting a lover on a hike or planning to hit up a new fitness studio for happy hour with coworkers. The confident sun’s journey into the identical zone on December 21, which lasts until January 20, only serves to magnify this energy. And once expansive Jupiter moves back to your adventure zone on December 20, where it’ll remain until May 16, you’ll be fired up to be bolder across the board, whether by trying a special workout or researching and considering booking a thrilling wellness retreat.




With Sag season throwing the spotlight on all things domestic, because of the sun’s trip through your home zone since November 22, you’ve likely been more of a homebody than usual. (Ok, sure, it doesn’t help that it’s coal black outside at 4 p.m.!) There’s plenty to adore about spending more time connecting with your loved ones, but you’ve probably also been navigating some emotionally rocky terrain, too. And as December kicks off, that focus is magnified by both Venus, the connection planet, and Mercury, the communication planet, in your home zone squaring off against expansive Jupiter and dreamy Neptune in your partnership sector. It is often tough to fact-check when you’re in the midst of the family drama, so taking a step back to only let the dust settle may be your safest, smartest bet.

Around December 7, the complete moon falls in your tenth house of career, lighting up your desire to be recognized for putting your nose to the grindstone. Speak up and make that case for yourself. little question you've done your research and are more than prepared! Prepare for a lighter, more fun-loving vibe to line in, particularly as sweet Venus moves through your romance and self-expression zone from December 9 to January 2. Though you'll have a bazillion deadlines to hit, prioritizing pleasure and embracing spontaneity is often emotionally satisfying and even creatively fulfilling. And as we move even closer to ringing during a new year, Mercury, your ruler, will go retrograde in therein the same sector, which could inspire you to go back to the drawing board to revise an artistic project or recreate heartfelt memories with loved ones.




While the confident sun has been moving through your communication sector since November 22, you’ve been even more social than usual. (Yes, somehow that’s entirely possible!) you like being busy and hosting all the parties you possibly can, so this is often surely one of your favorite seasons of the year, but just keep an eye fixed out for any signs of burnout because whether or not you’re having fun, a calendar that’s busting at the seams can still be overwhelming. And once you do slow down, likely around the full moon in your higher learning zone on December 7, you've got the opportunity to do a gut check and decide to move in an exciting new direction, perhaps learning new skills in order to later advance your career.

Another turning point that would nudge you to take a breather: Your ruling planet, relationship-oriented Venus, slips into your home zone on December 9, where it’ll crank up your desire to cotton up at home until January 2. Somehow, catching up with an old flame over a glass of wine on the couch or staying in with your S.O. could be more satisfying than being out and about. And one-on-one bonding time is additionally spotlit once fortunate Jupiter moves into your partnership sector on December 20 where it remains until May 16. remember last summer for a sense of the lessons, themes, and undertakings that would be a focus once more.




The sun’s trip through your money zone has been live since November 22, and successively, you’ve been further developing your self-worth and plotting out how you propose to elevate your earning potential. you would like to be aligned with business partners who not only know your value but are in sync with your values. But as December begins, both Mercury and Venus in your income sector will settle against Jupiter and Neptune in your creativity zone, and you would possibly be questioning whether your current moneymaking plan is compromising your self-expression. Know that the reality isn’t immediately apparent, so you’ll have best to take plenty of time to explore these questions. Around December 7, when the complete moon falls in your intimacy zone, you’ll be navigating a challenge associated with joint resources and discussing how you and a partner can best nurture a sense of security.

Then, as relationship-oriented Venus moves into your communication sector, joining Mercury and beginning Cap season ahead of the sun’s arrival on December 21, you’ll be connecting with friends, neighbors, and siblings quite usually. Your curiosity soars, and you’ll crave more intellectual stimulation, so consider finding ways to socialize and learn, like taking a cooking class with loved ones or getting tickets to a thought-provoking show. And for the primary time since late October, Jupiter, the earth of fortune and abundance, heads back to your wellness and daily routine sector on December 20, which could inspire you to experiment with an ambitious new workout plan or organizational system that’ll enhance some time management. But when Mercury moves backward through your communication zone from December 29 to January 18, deep breaths and a way of humor can preempt frustration when tech glitches and misunderstandings abound.




Your season is completely swinging, Sagittarius, which suggests you’re in the midst of going to the club for your passion systems and daydreaming about how you can take your topmost intentions to the coming position. you will hit many bumps in the road as December rolls in, because of Mercury and Venus in your sign squaring off against Jupiter and Neptune in your home zone. Consider how old emotional injuries could be affecting how you’re diving present-day challenges with loved ones or indeed in your career. a touch bit of inner work can offer a great deal of clarity. The December 7 full- of- the- moon in your cooperation sector is another occasion to strengthen your sense of tone as you consider how you’re showing up for your closest connections and how they’re showing up for you.

Checking in with yourself in these ways might ask for schoolwork you just don’t have the bandwidth for at the moment, but it can actually be available in handy as Capricorn season rolls in, illuminating your income and tone-worth sector. On December 9, Venus, the earth of connections and values, will enter your plutocrat zone, lighting up your desire to network and use your social charms to explore new avenues for earning. Whether you’re touching base with a nut from the council or a former coworker, stating what you would like and how you plan to get there may be the first step toward manifesting it. Just know that with Mercury retrograde there from December 29 to January 18, icing your fiscal ducks in a row preps you for indeed further growth in the coming months.





The sun’s trip through your church zone since November 22 has likely made you're feeling like you’re running through the slush at times because it’s one of the sleepiest times of time for you. Oh, and it doesn’t help that go-getter Mars has been regressed in your diurnal routine and health sector. For that reason, you actually earn indeed further a stroke on the reverse for staying on top of work-life balance and prioritizing tone care. Flashback to this when the complete moon falls in your heartiness zone on December 7. you would conceivably worry that you haven’t made the progress you’ve been aiming for, but you’re right on track. Soon later, formerly relationship-ruling Venus moves into your check-heft on December 7 where it remains until January 2, you’ll desire you’re stepping into the spotlight after hanging out confidentially. From further robotic progeny- together with musketeers to romantic moments with someone special, Venus ’ time in your sign brings a lighter, airier, more enjoyable vibe during which you’re empowered to hit pause on work and be in the moment.

From December 21 to January 20, the confident sun rolls through your sign, amplifying this sense-good tone and enhancing your tone image, and making you're feeling further tone-assured. whether or not everyone’s OOO, you would conceivably be motivated to finesse that game plan you want to pitch in the new time. With Mercury’s last retrograde of the time running from December 29 to January 18, in your sign, tending to untreated systems now might be the key to major success down the road.




With the confident sun and a number of other globes in your networking zone since last month, you’ve been immersed in platoon sweats, tending to your platonic bonds, and exposure for your community. All of that conditioning is in line with your ingrainM.O., so the liability is that you’re feeling enough damn good as December kicks off — especially considering that decline season put you through the wringer with career-related changes and grueling emotional terrain. Around December 7, the complete moon falls in your love and tone-expression zone, which is a green light to trust your heart and enjoy your voice. You’re infrequently one to stay to the rules, but now, you’re particularly motivated to strike out on your own and speak up when it involves a cultural design or relationship that’s not relatively in line with your requirements.

Also, you’ll have stylish to start allowing about the seeds you want to plant. On December 9, sweet Venus, the earth of connections, moves into your church zone, and thus the sun follows on December 21.

Capricorn season, falling just before your own season tends to be a quiet, tone-reflective moment for you. whether or not you have social commitments galore, you owe it to yourself to sculpt out a single time. Meditating, journaling, or enjoying analogous rituals will grease you to get clear on what you want to leave before and what you’re ready to embrace. While runner Mercury is retrograde within the same zone from December 29 to January 18, decelerating down and that specialize in healing anything that’s been holding you back sets you up for an especially healthy, happy New Year.




While everyone differently is planning vacation parties and experimenting with their downtime wardrobe, you will be drowning in to-dos related to your career pretensions, because of a ton of exertion in your public image sector since last month. Sagittarius season throws the limelight on your professional path, and nothing could denounce you for wanting to take advantage of openings you’ve been presented with recently. But you’ll have stylish to take a step back and assess what’s truly worth your energy and what might be OK to let fall by the wayside, particularly around December 7 when the complete moon falls in your home zone. you will feel torn between putting your nose to the grindstone on systems that will earn you the recognition you seek and pressing matters at home. Tapping into your suspicion allows you to navigate these rocky waters.

Musketeers and associates also can be a major saving grace and offer their support, especially formerly relationship-ruling Venus travels through your networking sector from December 9 to January 2. Leaning on groups and brigades that are aligned together with your long-term vision has you feeling further connected and predicated. On December 20, lucky Jupiter exits your sign and moves into your plutocrat zone for the primary time since late October. you will look forward to further openings for earning and shoring up your tone- worth, which could lead to being awarded consequently for your sweats. The flashback that Mercury will be retrograde in your long-term wishes sector from December 29 to January 18, so your vision could take a touch longer than anticipated to come together but it’ll be worth staying for.


What is the lucky color of December 2022?

Lucky colors: blue, gray, orange.


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