Your Horoscope For November 2022 - Exciting month ahead!

November will be a month of deep reflection and inner work. We drink the month ahead with the total lunar decline in Taurus on November 8. This potent and eclipsed full moon is the capstone point of whatever began back in April, and, in the bigger picture, the shifts and changes going on in your life since November 2021.


It’ll bring you certain epiphanies and reality checks, so pay near attention.


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March 21 - April 19

Lucky Colour: Pink


454 - Sweet Corduroy


Lucky Number: 2, 6

Lucky Months: January, July & November.



This month’s Lunar Eclipse sheds light on your plutocrat House, Aries, creating an air of query in your fiscal stability. But before you horrify, the planetary arrangement wants you to stop depending on external confirmation to have an independent work life and calculate more on your inner coffers and bents. This is an occasion to work on your tone- regard and fete that your worth is much further than the quantum of plutocrats in your bank account.




April 20 - May 20

Lucky Colour: Yellow


Limited edition CP027 - Sweater Weather





Lucky Number: 3, 9

Lucky Months: July, September & December


The Lunar Eclipse falls in your wheel sign, challenging your own sense of identity. This can be an important catalyst prompting you to exfoliate your old skin and be proud of your true tone. It takes gut to show the world who you really are, so don’t be surprised to find yourself feeling insecure at times. Ground yourself in your inner core, and reach out to your family and musketeers when necessary.



May 21- June 21

Lucky Colour: Maroon


GD003 - Brush of Blush



Lucky Number: 1, 4

Lucky Months: February, March, August & October



November’s planetary movements concentrate on the most spiritual zone of your natal map, especially if you’ve been neglecting this area of your life recently. Your opinions and conduct affect not only you but all cognizant beings in the Universe. This consummation could encourage you to change some dangerous habits, propelling you directly to your spiritual awakening. Flashback, Gemini we all come from the same source.



June 22 - July 22

Lucky Colour: White


001 - Charlie's Angel



Lucky Number: 6, 9

Lucky Months: January, May & September.



Your intimate connections are veritably meaningful to you, Cancer, so it won’t come as good news to learn that a friend has betrayed you. But before jumping to conclusions, make sure you have all the data and check what you have done to encourage this situation. Don’t forget that our connections image our eyeless spots.



July 23 - August 22

Lucky Colour: Brown


659 - Burning Ember



Lucky Number: 5, 11

Lucky Months: May, October & December



November’s planetary aspects impact your career zone, egging you to ask yourself, what effects are you willing to do to achieve success? If you were offered the occasion to cut corners and skip many ways, would you take it? suppose what kind of person you want to be in the future, Leo. Don’t let your precariousness and desirousness divert you from the path of your heart.



August 23 - September 22

Lucky Colour: Green



Lucky Number: 6, 8

Lucky Months: April, September & December



November’s planetary aspects will make you believe in air, Virgo. However, you’re likely to suffer the consequences now, If you prevaricated in history to get ahead. It’s uncomfortable to come clean after you’ve portrayed a different image, but it’s better to admit being wrong than to keep lying.



September 23 - October 22

Lucky Colour: Grey


AG04 - Silver Star



Lucky Number: 3, 6

Lucky Months: February, July & August.



You're generally veritably balanced and gentle, but this Lunar Eclipse might strike you harder than anticipated. You’ve been forced to dive into your dark side and deal with your most profound feelings, which isn't an affable experience for someone who wants to concentrate on the suitable side of life. But this could be incredibly healing and transformative, Libra! Live this emotional occasion to the fullest and let it change your outlook on life.



October 23 - November 21

Lucky Colour: Peach


CP026 - Mesmerized



Lucky Number: 5, 9

Lucky Months: January, May & October.



Your love life is going through a deep metamorphosis, presumably related to some secret that has suddenly come to light. The dark side tempts you to reply negatively to these circumstances, but you know you're better than this, Scorpio. Handle effects precisely and ask your spiritual masters to guide you through any delicate decision. Your conduct could have continuing consequences.



November 22 - December 21

Lucky Colour: Lemon


MD005 - LaaLaa



Lucky Number: 7, 9

Lucky Months: March, June & October.



Your cheerful and audacious spirit could lead you to neglect your health, Sagittarius. Having a routine could be challenging for someone who lives in the present, but embracing many healthy habits won’t kill you! You need enough energy and vitality to keep exploring all the awful effects this world has to offer.



December 22 - January 19

Lucky Colour: Dark Blue


OT12 - Azula



Lucky Number: 4, 8

Lucky Months: January, May & September



You're a person of habit, Capricorn, but this doesn’t mean a change in your life can’t be eaten! The planetary aspects prompt you to embrace a new hobbyhorse, job, or life! Anticipate feeling agitated about changing your routine and adding new chops to your force. Just keep using your common sense and avoid making impulsive opinions. You don’t need to take gratuitous chances to have a further joyous life.



January 20 - February 18

Lucky Colour: Purple


OT09 - Nura



Lucky Number: 6, 9

Lucky Months: April & August



Do you feel like changing address, Aquarius? This month’s planetary arrangement highlights your lodging zone and urges you to embrace a significant metamorphosis. Changing scripts could help you see your history from a different perspective. Take this occasion to talk with your cousins and move on from your emotional traumas. Open your mind to other performances of the same story, Aquarius.



February 19 - March 20

Lucky Colour: Red


SP06 - Blushing Babe



Lucky Number: 2, 9

Lucky Months: March, June & December



Your suspicion is one of your stylish means, Pisces. However, take a step back and ask your spiritual tone how it feels, If you're fastening too much on data and sense. Calculate your inner compass and make sure your heart and mind are connected when communicating with the bones around you. Other people might take offense at what you say, but you can be at peace knowing that you're acting in agreement with your advanced tone.




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