Rewards System FAQ

Rewards System FAQ

Are you curious about our rewards system? Is it difficult figuring out how to navigate through it? Don't worry! Scroll down to read all of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)! You'll be a superstar at this in no time! 😉 

What is the DoubleDip Rewards System? Our rewards system is our way of giving back to our beloved customers! For every purchase you make, you'll earn a certain amount of points that you can use for money off in your next order. In addition, referring a friend will give you and your friend $10 in Double Dip store credit.

How do I Earn Points? Diamonds is our currency for our rewards system. For every one dollar you spend, you will earn 6 Diamonds. You can also do little things like sharing our Facebook page and following us on Instagram, to earn more Diamonds!

If I Refer 5 Friends, Will All of us Get $10? All of your friends will each receive $10 in store credit, but you will receive $50 for referring 5 people. If they sign up to our Rewards System, they can also get credit for referring a friend.

Can I Use my Credits From Referring my Friends Altogether? Unfortunately, the $10 credits are not stackable and you can only use one per purchase. For example, if you have $30 in credit saved up, you can only use $10 on your current purchase. The remaining amount can be used for future orders.

How Can I Find my Rewards? When you go to our home page, there should be a pink icon on your bottom left hand side of your computer monitor that says "Rewards" If you're on mobile or your phone, please also look for a pink circle on the bottom left hand side of your screen to find the rewards icon. It will have a photo of a shopping bag and a heart.

I've Made Multiple Purchases With DoubleDip Before, Where Are All of my Points? Please make sure that you have made an account with us and make sure you are always logged in when you place an order. If you have made a purchase without logging in, we are not responsible for the points you did not earn. Please always make sure to double check.