6W Mini LED Gel Lamp

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This 6W Mini LED gel Lamp design can be carried freely anywhere. It offers comfortable to use &  relieves the burning sensation compared to other gel lamp. With triple light source features, it can be better and faster for curing nail gel and gelly tips and bring you a good experience. 

1. The Mini LED Lamp is the perfect travel companion - small enough to slip into a purse or carry-on bag, but big on style and personality. It features elegant egg shape design with smooth white glossy finish.

2. Small yet powerful with 3 pieces of built in 6W LED Lights . Your nails can be cured within seconds

3. Smart touch button that allows you to turn on/off the nail lamp without annoying clicking sound compared to traditional gel lamp.

4. Latest USB-C charging cable included in every package allow you to use charge it on the go. You can plug the power cord to a portable battery while traveling. Now, you can bring your nail lab anywhere and anytime with this portable mini lamp

How To Use: 

1.TURN ON: After connecting the lamp into a power source, tap the fingerprint button to Turn ON the LED/UV light and start curing your nails.

2.TURN OFF: Simply tap the fingerprint button to Turn OFF the LED/UV light.

 Important Notes:

 1. Due to the compact size of the device, there will be no automatic on & off counting function. You will need to turn off the lamp manually.

 2. We recommend curing time up to 120s to fully cure the gels

 3. To avoid overheat, please allow the device to cool down before next use.

Product Specifications :

Product Size: 58*38*38mm (2.28in*1.496in*1.496in)

Light Source:UV+LED 365nm+405nm

Voltage: 100-240V 50/60HZ

Power: 6W