2 in 1 French Dip Tray for French Manicure

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DoubleDip 2-in-1 French Dip Tray


  • Smooth indent on end provides finger support for effortless application
  • One size fits all, the wide well allows for a french smile for any finger size
  • Center indent provides finger support for a smooth french manicure
  • Deep well provides the perfect curve for longer nails
  • Large bottom tray allows for ideal sprinkle technique


  • Reduces excessive waste of powder
  • Creates the perfect smile line in seconds
  • Best design, easy to use, multifunctional
  • Non-toxic and high quality material
  • Durable and acetone-resistant
  • Reduce risk of cross-contamination (No need to dip into original powder jars.)
  • Ideal use for dip, sprinkle, or pour techniques
  • Great use for sequins nail art
  • Light-weight and portable for travel

DoubleDip 2-in-1 Tray is a professional applicator created for an effortlessly classy french set any beginner can do. Doubledip is a very natural, healthy and nail strengthening alternative compared to acrylics and gel polish. No more risks of strong fumes or chemical odors that could possibly harm your nails and even your health. Doubledip provides an organic, lightweight dipping system that allows for an all natural, long-lasting and beautiful set anyone can do at home!

Material: Top Quality ABS, Strong and durable;

Last 60+ Manis/Pedis

  • Create up to 60+ manis, pedis and much more with this all in one kit.
  • 0.5 oz jars = 10 - 15 manicures
  • 2 oz jars = 55 - 60 manicures

Save Time

Do your nails right in the comfort of your home, at your own time. No need to rely on nail salons anymore to get the job done.

Save Money

Each powder can give you 15 manis or more which could save you $1,200 - $2,400 every year on your nails!


Simple 3-step method: Dip, File, Shine! That’s all you need to do to be your own nail tech.

Safe and Natural

No UV/LED lamp or hand drill required. 10-free, made with non-toxic ingredients. Safe for both nails and skin, and will strengthen your nails after 14 days.

Cruelty-free & Vegan

PETA-approved to be vegan with NO animal testing. Make an impact in the world by choosing healthy nail products that are better for you and your community ❤

Us vs Them

Benefits Other Brands
Lasts 2-4 weeks
Easy application and clean removal
Affordable price
10 - 15 manicures
Fine Texture
For easy dip and ombre
Dual System
For acrylic and dip
10-free of toxic chemicals