Hey DoubleDip babes! The last BINGO game was such a hit with you guys and it seems like everyone had a lot of fun so we thought we would bring it back! This time, we’ll make the prizes be even bigger and better for you guys! 

We will take up to 5 winners! (the first 5 to send an email to to show their bingo card)  First-person to BINGO wins $2,000 worth powders from DoubleDip in addition to even more secret gifts from us! The next four that contact us with their BINGO will win any starter kit of their choice! (7 color pastel kit, 7 color neon kit, 7 color classic kit, 12 color pastels, 12 color neon's) 


❤ Starting today 8/14/2020 for every order with a minimum purchase of $15 or more from us, you are automatically eligible to receive a Bingo card from us!
$15-$49 gets 1 Bingo card

$50-$99 gets 2 Bingo cards

$100-$149 gets 3 Bingo cards

$150-$199 gets 4 Bingo Cards

$200-$249 gets 5 Bingo Cards

$250$-$299 gets 6 Bingo Cards and so on

You can order here 👇

🧡 Winning lines are 👇

⭐ 5 in a row - diagonal, horizontal, or vertical

💚 Must be a member of Double Dip Nails Tips & Tricks📷 - Exclusive Private Group

💙 Starting September 7th, We will post 5 DoubleDip colors each day (we will make adjustments if necessary if you haven’t received your card)

🧡 Use a light-colored pen, marker, colored pencil, or highlighter to “dob” or mark your box so I can see the names, if I can’t see the names, your card will be voided. If a color name is announced and you have two of them, you are allowed to mark both boxes 📷

💛 By Friday, September 11th, all the colors for a BINGO will be announced. If your card has a 5 in a row, please email with a clear image of your winning card, state the colors you filled out for your 5 in a row, your full name, and your order number.

💙 If you are not a member of this group, your card will be voided and we will move on to the next Bingo winner. The winner should know by September 11th, and has until, September 14 th, 11:59pm CST to contact DoubleDip about their card.