About Us

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At Double Dip, we’re focus on creating a place to share and love the process of doing your nails while empowering you to have the freedom of expressing your amazing personality.

Every woman in the world deserves the best of the best. You should have more control and freedom on what you want and we, at DoubleDip, want to be there to help you! DoubleDip is a USA-made company that strives in providing high-quality dipping powders and liquids for long-lasting, beautiful nails.

The founder of our company has worked in the nail industry for over 30 years, and she saw that many everyday women were struggling to find colors that suited them the most. That is why she began mixing and perfecting colors made specially for each woman. Since then, we have created over 2,000 colors you can choose from, each of which were custom-designed for a beautiful finish. Getting your nails done should be a fun and exciting part of your everyday routine.

It is our goal to build a community where people can feel special from their nails and share that feeling with those they love.Beauty shouldn't just be a luxury; it is also about having fun. So, don't forget to enjoy every moment of your beauty experience with a friend:💖
We're not always perfect and we continue to strive to improve every day. From our products,  to our customer service, and our end delivery to you.