4 in 1 Base Gel (NEW)

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Bella Vena unique 4 in 1 Base Gel is a breakthrough, non-toxic formula loaded with everything you need in one bottle. It can be used as base boat ,slip solution (reinforcement gel), diamond glue gel, nail tip glue gel that actually lasts up to 14+ days without lifting especially when paired with our Bella Vena Full Cover Gelly Tips System.

No one likes chips or breaks. That's why we've developed a revolutionary system, taking nail expertise to a whole new level. With our triple threat gel adhesive system, your nails will last strong for up to 3x longer than other leading brands. We're doing what other brands can't-delivering healthier, stronger nails that LAST!

Quickly dries under UV/LED in 30-60s. Time will vary depending on using purposes.

HOW TO APPLY (Press-on Gel Feature)
Step 1: Prep & clean your with alcohol .

Step 2: Apply Primmer on your nail surface and airdry for 30-60s (This step will help increase longevity of the nail tip - optional)

Step 3: Apply a layer of base coat (4-in-1) on your natural nails and cure under UV/LED lamp for 30-60s.

Step 4: File and create ridges on the inner side nail tips (1/3rd of the length)

Step 5: Apply an appropriate amount of the content on 1/3 of the nail tip 

Step 6: Place the nail tip on the nail, lightly press it to expel any air bubbles and cure for 60s-90s in UV/LED for while pressing

Step 7: Repeat with other nails and file to your desired shapes and length


While pressing the press on nail to your natural nail surface, try to expel any air bubbles underneath, the less air bubbles, the longer the nail tips will last.

Screw the cap back on tight while waiting after usages and store in a dry place with room temperature to increase longevity of the product

To best preserve, ensure the bottle's neck is clean before screwing the cap on tight. Store in a dark, room temperature area.


Q1 :How to prep your nails?

Clip nails to the desired length. Push back cuticles to remove excess skin. Carefully buff your nails to bring out their natural shine. Finally, clean the nail with an alcohol prep pad to ensure there is no oilS or dirt on your nails.

 Q2: How to make your nail tips last longer?

  • Make sure that you have proper pretreatment of nails
  • File the surface of your nail & the inner side of the nail tipsThis will create a better grip between the nail tips and the glue.
  • Be careful when using your hands and prevent damaging your nail tips

 Q3: Can the glue be used in other ways?

  • Yes, it's a 4-in-1 multi-functional nail glue. In addition to nail tips glue, it can be used as a base gel, rhinestone glue, and slip solution ( reinforcement gel) for polygel extension gel

Q4: How to Remove the nail tips:

1.Clip the nail tips as close as possible to the real nails

2.Soak the gels with removal pads for 10 minutes

3.Use a pusher to gently lift the nail tips from the edge of the natural nails to separate and remove the nail tips

SIZE: 15ml



Disclaimer: if bottles are glued shut, do not force them open as they may break or shatter. You can always contact us at , for assistance.