CP011 - Sunrise Mimosa

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I want to thank Double Dip for letting me be a part of their monthly color collection. 

I think you guys will enjoy this fun orange shade filled with great accent sparkles.

Whether you're wearing it to the beach or out to eat you are sure to show those summer-loving vibes. 

There is nothing like a nice summer day hanging out with your girlfriends at brunch having some refreshing mimosa.

Ever since college I and the girls have made sure to always stay in touch even if it’s one day out of the week.

We have our tradition of having brunch and just letting go for a couple of hours. Talking about our day-to-day lives, giving advice and then there’s me away raving about my nails. 

Remember to catch up with old friends especially with everything happening now.

Everyone could use a mimosa here and there (;