Deep Elm Green Chrome - BSL13

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1x Green Chrome (0.12g)

100% brand new and high-quality Nail decoration.
Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails.
You can also use them to add on your dip powder to create different nails' effects, decorate your cell phone's case, glasses, made card, body art, etc.

How to use: - Required Gel Lamp, Base & Top Gel
1. After complete all your dip color applications including buffing/shaping, washing, and cleaning your nails, please do not put on your dip top. Instead, we will apply on a layer of base gel on your nail and cure it for 15s in the UV light.

Note: As the surface of the nail still a little sticky after 15s curing under the UV light, your nail now is in perfect condition(a bit sticky). It allows the chrome to stay on your nails while buffing them.
2. Use eyeshadow stick to pick the powder and apply it onto your nails
3. Repeat the step until you're satisfied with the effect.
4. Seal it with No-wipe UV TOP COAT.

*Kind note: We are still working diligently to release the rest of our chrome collection. Due to short of staff and overwhelming schedule, we are behind and we are really sorry for this. We will do our best to release the rest of the chrome colors by next week possible! Thank you so much for your understanding, our double-dip babes!