Self Adhesive Nail Art

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Nail polish stickers with different colors and patterns, you can choose anyone to get beautiful unique nails

This beautiful nail sticker can get beautiful and unique nails in a few minutes,

A fun and simple nail decoration that will give you a unique look that will give you professional results without the need for a nail salon.

Size to fit most nails, and can be tailored to fit between sizes. Just peel and stick.

You can easily enjoy luxurious nails in an instant. Enjoy different nail styles - easy, quick, and inexpensive!

1. Clean the grease on the nail surface.

2. File the nail surface slightly to smooth it out.

3. Choose the right size of the nail sticker, tear off the transparent cover, and remove the colored nail sticker.

4. Align your fingernail, stick the nail sticker on the surface of the nails, then use your fingers to push the nails out of the center of the nails, making the surface smooth and flat.

5. Remove excess stickers from the end of your nail by filing and smoothing your nails.

Tip: A sticker has eight sizes, two each, which are suitable for most people. If there is no suitable one, you can choose a larger sticker for cutting

Product name: nail sticker

Material: sticker

Size: 13.9 * 7.2mm \ 5.47 * 2.83 in